Here’s a great product to look over when trying to pick the right wax kit online.

I’ve shopped around and tried many of the retail type brands but these kits really set the bar high when you compare them to other offers by the more popular brands.

You get much more product for your dollar and some kits come with free shipping in the US.

hard wax kit

They have 7 wax types to choose from all with different benefit for skin. They advertise professional quality and that what in my opinion you are getting when you order from them. Another benefit is you can order online at any time by just going to their website.

The hard wax kit comes with a 3 pack of these amazing wooden spatulas that come in three sizes and are great for using them in all parts of the body. Another benefit I saw in the kit was the option to include an empty tin in the kit. This really comes in handy when your warmer is not compatible so this saves you having to buy more equipment. The wax comes in tablet form for easy refills as you go.